The Good, Bad, and Ugly of being THE QUEEN: tales of a former pageant queen

During my pageant days, I had always heard of girls taking scissors and cutting their competitor’s dress to shreds. I actually saw a girl that didn’t win stand in the wings naked… screaming and crying….throwing bobby pins across the room until the choreographer shook her and said, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” Or, in my case, after winning on title, I had my tires slashed twice and vicious rumors that I had a lovechild with my childhood sweetheart circulated to try to get me de-crowned (no, I waited until age 36 to get pregnant with my one and only child, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!). They always said it was lonely at the top :-/

In stark contrast, I’m always impressed by the pageant queens at Ole Miss!!! For the most part, they seem to cheer each other on and support each other in ways that weren’t afforded to me back in my pageant days. I have seen these girls rally together, take trips to Miss America in Atlantic City together, and congratulate each other GENUINELY when one of their pageant sisters takes the crown. It’s a level of camaraderie to be admired even among the best of friends.

Pageants definitely have evolved. It’s nice to see that there are driven, empowered women with beauty on the inside and out who truly want the best for each other. Working with young girls, teenagers, and young adults over the past five years has truly shown me the beauty in pageantry. Sure, every now and then, you have a sore loser. But if you change your mentality to accept a loss, focus on areas of growth, and admire the one who was crowned, your whole perspective on competition will change. Your whole perspective on life will change, and YOU will learn amazing life lessons that will help you through every hurdle you will face in the future :)


Posted on January 6, 2019 .